Sricam SP005

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  • MOTION DETECTION: Will send you alarm when some motion is detected.
  • ROTATE CAMERA: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in world thanks to inbuilt rotating motor.
  • IR Night Vision: See in Dark also with the help of inbuilt IR lens.
  • 2 WAY AUDIO & SD CARD SLOT: Talk to other side of camera with the help of inbuilt microphone & speaker.
  • Record Videos in SD card as it has provision for SD card slot also. It supports upto 128 GB capacity Card.


In short what can be done with this camera ? 1. Perfect for indoor Facility 2. Connect through LAN or wireless through WI FI 3. See live video on PC/Laptop, Android Phone, iPhone, Web Browser from sitting anywhere in world. 4. Night vision through IR : See in dark also 5. Motion Detection: Send alarm when some motion detected 6. 2 Way Audio 7. Tilt camera or Rotate camera from sitting anywhere in world. 8. Record videos in SD card and it supports upto 128 GB capacity card. Just download an app ‘SRICAM’ from your app store and follow simple instructions and you are DONE !!. Remember you need working WIfi internet to watch the video from outside network.

  • WATCH LIVE DEMO: 1. Download app ‘SRICAM’ on your android or iphone from app store. 2. Register with your email address & create an account. 3. Click on ‘+’ to add camera and enter device name as ‘Demo’, device id as ‘1069813’ and password as ‘888888’. Then click on camera icon to see video. Select HD to see HD Quality video. Slide finger on screen to rotate the camera.
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