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How to watch Sricam IP camera live video on PC

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Want to watch the Sricam IP camera's real time monitoring video on PC? Want to control your Sricam IP camera on PC? Let's do it.

Step 1. Install Device Viewer software on PC.

Download the Sricam IP camera’s official PC CMS software “Device Viewer” from its official website and install it on your PC. The software only supports running on the Windows 7, 8, 10 OS, the Vista and Mac OS are not supported.

Device Viewer icon
The Device Viewer icon

Step 2. Sign in the program.

Single click right button of the mouse on the Device Viewer software icon to run the program as Administrator. When you access the software’s login interface, input the User ID and Password (default user name: admin, password: admin) and press LOGIN button to enter the sign in the program.

sign in Device Viewer

Step 3. Add device.

On the software main interface, look at the right top part, find out the “Device List” option under the Device Management section and right click your mouse on the option. Click “Add device” in the dialog box.

add new device to Device Viewer

Step 4. Set the program and connect to the camera.

Follow the below picture guide to change some of the specs and fill the camera’s ID and password on the software. And click “Confirm” button to continue.

connect to the camera through Device Viewer

● Device type: Choose “SP” here.

● Device name: Name the camera on the PC, for example, “front door”, “Home”, etc.

● P2P ID, Password: Input the camera’s ID and password here. (The camera’s ID and password stick on the label at the bottom of the camera, if you changed the password, please input the correct one.)


Step 5. Watch live video on the program.

After the IP camera is successfully installed, it will show on the Device list. Double click the camera, then you can see the real-time monitoring video.

Watch live video on Device Viewer program

This guide works on all the Sricam IP camera, which means no matter a mini Sricam IP camera or the advanced professional Sricam can be connected to the PC through the Device Viewer program. That’s so convenient!


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