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How to Hack and Get Access to CCTV Cameras and Watch Live Footage Of CCTV

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How to Hack and Get Access to CCTV Cameras and Watch Live Footage Of CCTV

Hello Everybody, I am posting again one cool trick for hacking CCTV camera installed anywhere and you can watch it’s live footage on your own system.
We often get curious when we see CCTV camera installed anywhere, that what it must be watching now, and sometimes it can be eye witness of anything which we can not think, so be ready to see what it is going to shoot for you now.
Security camera - CCTV camera - at the metro s...
Security camera – CCTV camera – at the metro station of Gamla Stan in Stockholm in Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Working principal of CCTV is very much easy, whenever it get installed at an organization, most of manufacturer company of CCTV which also installs a page “view.shtml” (most generally) or “view/index.shtml”. So, if you have read my post on Google Search Technique then this will now help you to find such pages by the help of our best searching friend Google.

By using this technique you will find live footage of any of CCTV installed, but for using some of features like moving camera or zoom in zoom out features sometimes you need Admin username and password. But many of users use default username and password, which you will find by searching.

For helping you out in queries I will show you some queries, which you will find very helpful. You can use it on google and find some live footage.

inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=” //this page is in the form of functions used in CCTV

Yes, you have to just type these terms in search area and you click in these url’s only where you find this search term.


Here you will get all search result in which url contains that page which is having live footage of CCTV camera.

I never imagined that once I will get access to Colorado college CCTV access, try this and discover any undiscovered live footage of CCTV camera.

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