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Posts published in “Education”

5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools

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5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools What are the biggest differences between public and private schools? Education is an important part of raising children and preparing them to…

5 Emerging Trends in 21st-Century Education

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With the advent of new technologies being infused in school curricula, educators and school leaders are beginning to rethink all facets of data in the classroom. New, innovative methods of data…

Difference between CBSE and ICSE Board

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With this actual activation, you can replace windows anytime you need, and you can install any application as well as at the same time connects any software directly from the…

11 Ways to Increase School Safety Right Now

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1. Love Students Maslow’s before Bloom. Your students must be loved before they can learn. Read about the 5 shifts neededto implement this. 2. Fix Broken Doorknobs In some schools classroom…

Try Curiosity! (library issues and literacy-related news)

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Voted “Best Librarian/Library Blog” by Edublog Awards in 2010, and awarded Teacher Certification Degrees’ “Top 50 School Library Blog,” Try Curiosity! is where Sarah Ducharme, M.Ed, MLS, and elementary school…

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